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Business Models

Most of our discussions with our clients focus on creating fast ramp-up sales and marketing channels that consolidate into Profit Centers in the longer run. Some of our conversations have evolved around the following popular business models, based on specific product needs:

  • Master franchise: Works well with product companies wanting to grow in India through a franchise route and are looking for a one-point contact
    in India than managing a network themselves

  • Corporate sales: This is good for corporations wanting a country representation and are willing to support us through sales trips or on-line consulting help

  • Marketing consultants: Many times our clients want us to do a market study and help create an entry strategy for them to use directly or through another partner.

  • Joint venture: If business goals align, we are not averse to looking at Joint Ventures ourselves that would give us an International edge to our products and services and at the same time allow you to enter India fast

  • India rep office: This is a good transition mechanism for corporations wanting to jointly do sales in India and then slowly build their own office. We would give them access to our office and work jointly with them and create an initial sales and marketing in-road before transitioning out

Commercially, we work with the clients in a variety of ways. Some examples:

  • Retainer fee
  • Retainer + revenue share
  • Licensing
  • Master franchise

The above are just some leading examples. We would like to hear from you to create a model specific to your needs.

Business Models
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